RAVELLI - Dual 7.2 Kw 7 Ventilated With Natural Convection Self-cleaning With Brazier

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Natural Convection + ventilation Unity is strength Natural Convection + ventilation.

€ 2.300,00* 1.840,00 22% VAT INCLUDED

Natural Convection + ventilation

Unity is strength
Natural Convection + ventilation. The new stoves Ravelli, performance and quiet, allowing you to choose at any time how to spread the warmth in the house. With only natural convection you can have the pleasure of silence and a completely natural and uniform heat. Choosing instead to activate the forced air you can get a feeling of immediate heat in the home. Unity is strength.

Intelligent Brazier
Technology evolves and with it increase the benefits that you can enjoy: we have created a self-cleaning brazier casting that rethinks the concepts of primary and secondary air, creating a system that does not suffer clogging and guarantees impeccable cleanliness. The teeth of the bottom which is fitted to the brazier guarantee both the cleaning of air passages that that of any residues, providing a system that raises the level of overall performance and maximizes energy efficiency.

Hermetic System
The technologically advanced system Ravelli Hermetic System is designed to take the air required for combustion directly from outside. The presence of a single duct for the combustion air, the power-on and that for cleaning the glass guarantees not to subtract air from the domestic environment. This technology is particularly suitable for passive houses or with Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC).

Cast iron door
Cast iron top
steel side panels
Wide view of the flames
Safety sensors
Heat exchange surface in steel and cast iron

introduced thermal power (kW) from 3.5 to 7.2
Dimensions B x H x D (mm) 500 - 1040-520
Hourly consumption - min / max (Kg / h) 0.7 to 1.5
Performance (%) 91.7
Rear smoke outlet pipe (Ø mm) 80
Tank capacity (Kg) 20
Autonomy min / max (h) 13.3 to 28
Power requirement during operation (W) 45
Net Weight (kg) 140

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