Italian Stoves is provided by CITS, decades of experience

In 1974, in a basement of Coccaglio, which is also their small private laboratory of hydraulic, two young brothers decided to take the road of self-employment. A tough and courageous and, then as now, a bet with others and with themselves, to measure their strengths and capabilities. A challenge that you can win and lose in equal measure. The result is a new, small family business.

In 1982, when the third brother joins the company, the company's operations moved to Chiari in via dei Lattonieri in the new production craft of Chiari. In this period the work expands and grows exponentially thanks to the increasing attention devoted to emerging technologies in the fields of thermal and health, both domestic and industrial

In 1996, after careful and thorough evaluation, it is undoubtedly made a courageous choice: the acquisition of a new and prestigious office, always in Chiari via Cologne 1/A. This fact gives a new impetus and an entrepreneurial enthusiasm not only to the shareholder, but also to all employees of C.I.T.S.

In 1997, to supplement and complete the historical activity, another big step, a new project and consequently a new challenge. The company acquired a historic local DIY. After, it was equipped an area of 200 square meters, as well as an area dedicated exclusively to bathroom of more than 300 square meters

In 1999, it takes place the first extension of the sales center bringing the area open to the public at 700 square meters.

In 2008, they made renovations exhibition of considerable importance, giving the company a prestigious image in the area of Lombardy. Particularly exposure garden furniture, already wide and varied, it is embellished with the opening of the new flagship store shop-in-shop of EMU products, an exhibition area of over 600 square meters, the largest in Lombardy. Together with the expansion of garden furniture was created a new space dedicated to bathroom products with medium-high range, encompassing all industry news. It is a further range of products to complement the home with special attention to the concepts of beauty and function.